Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birds of a feather...

Do tend to flock together.. don't they?

Living in a foreign land, working from home do take its toll on your spirit at times. I find solace online through groups I've joined on FB with similar interest in crafting as myself.

I personally feel that I've benefited in various ways from these groups I've joined. To list a few:

1. I get motivated when I see crafts created by others in the group
2. I get inspired and aim to produce something of superior quality to showcase to the group and get their feedback
3. Reading about others' success stories inspires me to do better
4. I learn new things related to my trade
5. I get my queries answered
6. I try to contribute to others' queries which in turn deepen my understanding of the matter

If you take crafting seriously, know Malay (not a requirement but the discussions are mostly conducted in Malay language) and are interested to be part of a Malaysian crafting community that share and care (for FREE), feel free to join us:

1D1P (1 day 1 product) - A group dedicated to encourage and motivate producing handmade items on daily basis. You can showcase your handmade, join in the discussions, sew along, challenge and much more

GMJ (geng mesin jahit) - A group that covers broader aspects of sewing and crafting. A one-stop place for anything and everything related to crafting.  

However, a group is not a place for a freeloader. Just as in a relationship, you need to put in an effort and contribute. You can't just sign in and expect good stuff to come along your way.

What helps you stay upbeat and motivated..?  

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