Friday, April 27, 2012

Another sew along...

I got Amy Butler's Style Stitches a while back after successfully completing my first Cosmo Bag (a sew along we had in our sewing group on FB). 

It was definitely motivating to sew together (virtually of course), exchanging ideas and concerns we had - believe me we had quite a number of concerns about piecing the pattern together. 
And since then the book has been sitting on the shelf looking all pretty.. *sigh*

So, I have decided to organise another sew along -
The sew along will be conducted simultaneously here at the blog and in 1H1P group on FB. It is open to anyone and everyone with Amy Butler's style stitches book. The plan is to try and produce a pattern a month, and for our first project, we are going to make TEARDROP BAG (project 06 in the book). 

Here's the plan: 
Level: Beginner
Time length: 1st MAY - 31st MAY 2012
Week 1 (1/5 - 7/5)
1. Study Pattern and instructions
2. Collect Materials/Fabrics
3. Showcase fabric combo
Week 2 (8/5 - 14/5)
1. Cut fabric and interfacing
2. Iron interfacing
3. Showcase progress
Week 3 (15/5 - 21/5)
1. Sewing
Week 4 (22/5 - 28/5)
1. Sewing
Showcase Final Product : 29/5 - 31/5

The plan is pretty relaxed and flexible and the project is quite straightforward.
Hope to see many of you join in.. the more the merrier!!

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