Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recycle project - Comfy indoor slippers

Over the long winter break last year, I managed to complete a pair of indoor slippers totally out of recycled materials in my stash. Since then I aim to slowly reduce the pile by making something  for the home every now and then. 

Half of the items waiting to be recycled

If you have made indoor slippers or baby booties before, you'd know that it is quite a straight forward process but let me share how I did it. 
I use pattern taken from a book in my collection
1.Trace and cut out pattern.

2. Prepare the pieces - I use knit fabric taken from my girl's baby jammies (puppy print) for the exterior, fleece taken from an old baby jumper (light green) for the back and another fleece (black colour) to add cushion in the slipper.  
*You can use felt, denim or anti slip fabric for the back* 

3. Sew the flap right side together - turn, press and topstitch 
4. Align the centre point, pin the flap to the body (I pin the black fleece together)

5. Sew 
View from top

View from the side
6. To attach the base (light green fleece) to the flap and body piece, sandwich the base on top of the body piece (right side facing). Align and secure with pins. 
7. Sew all around and leave small space for turning. 

8. Turn, press and stitch the opening close

You are done and the best part is no seam showing and it is machine washable.
However the next time I make another pair, I might insert a shoe insole in-between to have it retain it's shape better.   

Any recycle ideas up your sleeves..? 

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Monday, January 16, 2012

2011 Recap...

Does it still count if the recap or talking about the new year are done when the first month is almost over? or maybe I can claim I was waiting for the Chinese new year... *roll eyes*  
I enjoyed (envious actually) looking at all the pretty mosaic recap table on so many blogs, that I was determined to have one too this year. I played with Big Huge Lab Mosaic Maker and finally managed to come up with the above.. 

Highlight 2011 for MyBotanG:

1. My first sew along - Reversible Bucket Bag 

2. My second sew along - applique project

3. Designed Diaper Keeper for mommies

4. Introduced baby quilt set

5. Carrie-me-tote in style

6. A single sized quilt for boy

7. Designed bento wrap - reusable sandwich wrap.. yeay!!

8. Designed Odekake BOX - inspired by Odekake bag - will blog about it 

9. GA to celebrate 1K-LIKE on FB page

10. Obsession with flower brooch - pic here, here and here

11. Kinoko Sling using laminated fabric

12. Made some quilted cozy cases   

Hope you've had a great start into the year of Dragon.. 
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