Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sew along - Appliqué Week 2 & 3

Just to refresh our memory, week 2 (18-24 April) task was to trace the pattern on the interface, iron onto the fabrics and cut the pattern out while week 3 (25 April - 1 May) task is to arrange the cut pattern onto the background fabric and iron. 

Here's my progress for week 2:
Though the instruction was to trace the pattern onto the interface first, I obviously went and did it the other way around *silly me* It was messy when I tried to iron the fabric onto the interface before cutting the pattern out *long sigh* but it did turn out OK in the end - cost double the amount of time actually needed if I had followed the instruction properly *roll eyes*

Anyway, I traced the pattern onto the fabric and cut it out first. A point to remember is to have the right sides of both the pattern and the fabric facing together. 

I used my scrap interface collected from all my previous projects (bag making mostly) for this purpose instead of the double sided fusible web
Week 3: 
While arranging the interfaced pattern onto the background fabric, it would be wise to have a copy of the whole pattern underneath the background fabric, as it helps with the placement of each pattern.  

I used handcraft bond (as suggested by Mila) to secure each pattern onto the background fabric. *It was really fun and Sofea was green with jealousy as I didn't allow her to `help' *

And so here you are, all done and waiting for the next and final stage - to appliqué the pieces (2 - 8 May)
Visit our beloved Kak Dee to see the complete project - She turned hers into a wall hanging *lovely* 

Do drop by to see Mila, and as everything with this diligent lady, she did not just make 1 but 2 *OMG* of the appliqué tops with an added little something. Can't wait to see what she will turn them into.   

Visit Ariza, Suzie, Anic and Bea who have completed stage 2 and/or stage 3 of the sew along.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting..     
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diaper Keeper

A clever lady I know requested if I could make a case to hold few diapers and wipes. She even did her research and printed out a sample pattern she found on the internet and lend me 4 pull ups and a new case of wipes for when I make the case. 
Using my sewing case as a guide, I came up with the Diaper Keeper. It has 2 deep pockets inside that fits 4 big pull ups in one pocket and a packet of wipes with a room for something small in another. The case is fully lined and padded and is machine washable. It has an elastic loop for closure. I used Ikea cotton for the exterior fabric and Japanese cotton for the lining.  
For more pictures and information about the Diaper Keeper head over to MyBotanG FB page.  Pin It

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project on the go

You might remember my travelling pouch made a year ago. It is my most trusted travelling companion. I have it packed and always ready for a trip. It is packed with the essentials i.e scissors, pins, threads and the current obsession a.k.a project *grin* 

At the moment I'm obsessed with making flower brooches. After the success of making a flower brooch for the reversible bucket bag, I've made another one but this time with 5 petals and adding lace for the backing (as in the Lace Flower) and am now hooked on making more. They are so easy to make and I am able to use up the fabric scraps in my stash. 

Besides trips, I have my pouch with me while I'm lounging in front of the TV or while waiting for Sofea to complete her homework or Kumon and even in the dentist's office. 

What do you do on such occasion? Do you make a list (used to do that as well..), read a book/magazine or plan the weekly menu? Care to share..? 

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fabric Find Friday - Paris oh la la!!

You might remember this fabric listed in the shoppe a while back. I saw this fabric in few colours - white (as in the picture), red and blue, but ended up only purchasing one colour and even then only a 2 meter cut.. 

It didn't strike me as a very interesting fabric.. It would definitely look great with black and the Eiffel Tower was a plus point. 

But I was quite wrong, 1 meter was grabbed the moment I listed it and since then I have received various commissions using the remaining 1m fabric. 

I've made a bag set and few Curvy Clutches and have some left for something small..  

Wished I could have gotten the whole bolt when I had the chance.. *sigh* 
Have a lovely weekend everybody.. 
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sew along - Appliqué Week 1

For week 1, 11 - 17 April, our sew along task was to print the pattern and instructions from here and choose fabrics that we were going to use. 

I was giddy with excitement to see few of the participants have already completed the task (Anic and Mila). Anic has progressed till the third stage of the sew along and she has blogged about it here

After much contemplation, here's my fabric selection for the project. 

Next task for week 2, 18 - 24 April - To trace the pattern onto the fusible web, iron onto the fabric and cut out (Instruction 1-2 on instruction page)
How are you progressing ladies..? All the best!!  

Sew along - Appliqué project introduction

Ooooppppssss!! Edited
Missed mentioning Nadia who also has completed task for week 1.  
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Button Loop - How to

Do you make button loops? 
I first made them for our reversible bucket bag sew along, the button loop was big and easy to make. The technique used didn't involve any turning through small openings, which was a relieved. 

Next, I made a button loop for a pencase and found the technique used for the reversible bag button loop didn't really work here as the loop had to be smaller and needed to curve nicely. So, here's a simple how to on making a button loop on a bias cut.  
I love them, but the smaller they are the peskier they get
Button Loop - How to
1. Cut a 3" x 3" square (adjust the size of the fabric depending on the length you need)
2. Fold it to form a triangle and sew a straight line along the folded side (adjust the width depending on how wide you want your loop to be)
3. Cut the excess fabric
4. Use a loop turner to turn it inside out 

5. Turn and press

7. Attach 

Now you have a nice and naturally curvy button loop. 
Do you make your loops differently? Care to share?   

Visit Anic for fabulous links to various aspects of the appliqué  techniques. 
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sew along - Appliqué project introduction

Grab a button and spread the word.. the more the merrier!!
What are we making?
An Appliqué project by Kajsa from Syko of a vase with flowers.

What will we need:

  • Free PDF pattern
  • Step by step instructions from sew mama sew page
  • Double-sided, iron on adhesive with paper backing (also known as fusible web) 
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Appliqué foot for sewing machine
  • Black machine embroidery thread
  • Background fabric, 10″x13″
  • Blue fabric for the vase, 6″ x 7″
  • Fabric scraps for the flowers
  • Red & white gingham scrap for the table
Project time-line
1. Print pattern, instruction and choose fabrics - 11 - 17 April (1 week)

2. Trace, iron on fabric and cut - (Instruction 1-2 on instruction page) - 18 - 24 April (1 week)

3. Arrange on background fabric and iron -  (Instruction 3-4 on instruction page) - 25 April - 1 May (1 week)

4. Appliqué the pieces -  (Instruction 6 -7 on instruction page) - 2 - 8 May (1 week) 

1.The project is simple enough even for beginners, and though the instructions are for machine Appliqué, anybody not confident or familiar with sewing machine can still join in and Appliqué with hand. 

2.The project is spread over 4 weeks to allow ample time for everyone to complete each stage and have time for other commitments. If you complete a stage early or complete the whole project at one go, do record your progress of each stage and post pictures for others to view and comment. 

1. Zila
2. MyBotanG
3. Zara
9. faiz
10. Marie
11. Suzie
12. Niza
13. Mila
14. Nurul
15. Anic
16. Azie
17. Nadia
18. Bea 

At the moment 13 15 17 18 crafters have shown interest in joining in the fun, it is never too late to join.. Do leave a comment if you are interested to participate in the sew along.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are you ready for another sew along..?

I'm sure many of you have heard of the talented Kajsa who blogs at Syko. She has a unique style when it comes to applique and quilting and she's among the first artist I found online when I begin sewing. My HOUSE quilt was inspired by Kajsa's work. 
I was wondering if you would be interested to join me on another sew along adventure, this time an applique project with Kajsa's free pattern available from sew mama sew?  

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Felt craft

Some felt books arrived recently for the shoppe.
Japanese craft books as you all must be aware by now contains beautiful and colourful pictures and self-explanatory illustrations and diagrams.
Sofea got hook on felting right away and was determined to give it a try. We got some felts from the 100yen shop and she made a simple bookmark out of it. She was very happy and proud of her achievement and I was just simply contented to have a company while I sew *grin*

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