Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teardrop Bag - sewing stage and pattern review

I assure you I'm still alive and kicking...
Continuing with the main agenda...
(You can read about Week 1 and Week 2 and see the whole time plan if you've missed them)

I found the sewing stage to be smooth mainly because I got a lot of help and guidance from the other members. We shared tips and tried to help each other out along the way. Thus making deciphering the long essay-like instructions in the book bearable.

I mainly enjoy making the hip - I have never made a bag with a hip before and I thought it clever and gave the bag a smart look. It was a bit tricky to attach the hip to the side of the bag the first time (luckily no unpicking of the seam), you have to measure the centre point and pin the hip to the bag and slowly edge stitch around the hip - the trick was the keep the balance from the edge and manage around the bag opening.  

I didn't like the partition pocket style suggested by the original pattern, so for the second bag I added zip to the partition and wallah!! - a partition with a function *grin* 

The bag is surprisingly spacious, it can fit in all my usual stuff that I take along when I go out: 
1. Long wallet given by my dear friend Nadia
2. Make up pouch - almost the same size (only fatter) as the long wallet
3. Note book and pen
4. Coin case
5. Pocket tissue and handkerchief (too embarrassing to have it in the pic, but it is always there in my purse)  

*Can you see the non-functional partition pocket?* 

The handle strap is perfect in length and width - it is comfortable and stays put on the shoulder all day long (if it has to)

*my second teardrop bag*

A fun bag to make, will definitely make more in the future. 
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