Friday, January 28, 2011

What you can get for FREE!!!

Are you looking for some crafting ideas? Something to try over the weekend, or something to make as a gift? You can get quite a number of free patterns from bags to quilts available on the net. Did I mention FREE!! 

Would anybody be interested to make this together..? Like a sew along..? 
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Edge Stitch revolution

After reading Zura's tutorial on edge stitching, I dug up the many types of feet that came with my Janome Super Secio PC (pictured here). You see, I do a lot of edge stitching and get frustrated with the not-so-edge stitch I get with the normal foot I use (obviously I'm too lazy to search and change the feet when I sew). 

Anyway, I found not one but two types of feet that looked promising and so I used type 1 to edge stitch the wristlet straps and wallllaaaaaahhhh the results (grinning from ear to ear) 

Type 2 foot is perfect for top stitching and the especially tricky curves

Thank you Zura, for the simple yet most useful tutorial!! 
These two feet are definitely my two new best friends *HUGS*
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm seeing double..

 I'm seeing double... of quilts actually...

My friend commissioned not one but two single sized quilts for her boys. Her instruction was clear, they must be IDENTICAL in every way possible except for their names embroidery. 

This got me sweating.. for few reasons:

1. I always just work with one big quilt at a time, mainly due to SPACE problem 

2. Any attempt to reproduce will never be exactly the same as the first production simply because I detest the idea, to me every item should be unique and special (plus I get bored easily and tend to make alteration and adjustment or use different fabric, etc) *sigh*

But as you can see I did complete the project and they do look identical as far as handmade products are concerned.. 

How did I overcome my concerns..? 

1.SPACE problem, I simply put aside everything else and focussed on the quilts, plus I took over the living room as well.. *grin*

2. I decided to work on both quilt simultaneously, thus avoiding changes and alterations while working on the latter. So each step was repeated twice - cutting and sewing borders x 2, name embroidery x 2, batting, backing and basting x 2, quilting x 2 and finally binding x 2
You might remember the truck fabric from here and here.
The quilt measures about 140cm x 210cm each.
I used light-brown polka-dot fabric for the binding.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

First for everything

Learning something new is another resolution I have penned down for year 2011. Recently a friend delivered a baby girl and I wanted to make something handmade for the little one. I already had a baby quilt made but decided to try a pattern I downloaded from the net a long while back but never got the change (or gut) to try. 
I am pretty sure many of you would recognise the dress pattern. It is available for free from Made by Rae.  

To my delight, the pattern was very simple and easy to whip, I finished the dress in couple of hours and decided to add a matching ball with a little bell in it for good measure *grin*
I used Moda fabrics for both the dress and the ball and used a flannel for the bodice lining. I made  the bodice piping and bias trim for the dress from the burgundy polka dot Moda fabric. 

My only concern while making the dress was the raw edges on the bodice where you attach the piping and the skirt. I read and reread the instruction, but the issue was not addressed. So, I made my own modification. I sew cotton twill tape to hide the raw edges (Japanese style sewing - sorry no pic) 

The gifts have been presented. I'll update once I get a picture of Puteri Merissa in the itty bitty dress from her mommy. 
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Filling patterns

One of my 2011 resolutions is to rearrange my sewing patterns (not that many to begin with) into some sort of a working system. 

When I started sewing and quilting about 2 years back, I compiled a number of free tutorials available on the net or copied down from crafting books from the library, thinking that I'll try each and every one of them soon. I have tried many and discarded many as well and bookmarked some  for future projects, but they are all over the place.. Every time I need a pattern, I'll be going through the whole lot as I do not label them or have a proper cabinet or box to store them in. 

Here's how my sewing patterns have evolved:
1. they appeared as measurement only, every time I'd have to measure and cut my fabric
2. big paper templates - loose pieces under the table or chair and everywhere 
3. paper templates (fold in half) - most used patterns have been laminated stored in clear plastic sleeves without labellings 

I found this superb portable storage solution at Tokyu Hands, it looks like the boring steel accordion-like filing cabinets you find in most offices, but it comes in various funky colours and did I mention it is portable? *grin*

At the moment I just insert all my patterns into different slots in one file. I hope to further improve by separating them according to categories i.e big bags, medium sized bags, clutch and purses, etc. If you have lots more you could have one different colour folder for each category.. yummm!!!  
To get more inspiration on how to organise your sewing library, read The Domestic Diva
How do you store your patterns..?? 

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bitten by the crocheting bug - book review

This is my latest find, a gift for myself *grin*
I usually check out knitting and crocheting books from the local library, but this baby is an exception. It is truly a keeper *hugs*

The book is 160 pages thick, divided to six sections which are doilies, motif, edgings and braids.
The paper quality is superior and the pictures are beautifully captured. 

The layout of the book is simple and easy to follow even for a non-Japanese reader. 
The pattern follows immediately after the illustrations. This saves a lot of confusion in searching for the right pattern. 

I am yet to try a pattern, but from the look of it, it seems achievable even for a beginner like me.  

I love the fun and modern designs included in the book together with the more conventional crocheting patterns. 

The book is printed in Japan
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kick starting 2011 with a SALE!!

2011 is 4 days old and I still do not have a clear and defined objectives for this year. While I work on my resolutions, do head over to the shoppe as there are a number of things going on over there..

1. De-stashing sale, where a meter's worth of either FQ or FE is going for RM20 only.

2. 4m Japanese Cottons (suitable for baju kurung and such) are in stock. Price range from RM120-RM140 (inclusive shipping from Japan to Malaysia)

3. Patchwork books sale, where almost new patchwork books are being let go for RM50 (inclusive shipping to Malaysia from Japan) 
4. 2011 Calender panel is also in the shoppe. It RM35 inclusive shipping.  

I am planning to have a giveaway as well soon.. I have some goodies from Tokyo Disneyland for the lucky ones.. Stay tuned!!

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