Monday, December 5, 2011

Fabric Find Monday and a secret giveaway... ssshhhhh!!! (CLOSED)

Can you imagine that it's already DECEMBER..?? It feels like only recently I was penning down my 2011 plans and aims.. and now I have to assess achievements and progress made throughout the year and start planning for 2012. 

In the meantime, what do you think of this print..? your cup of tea..?
The fabric is by KOKKA and it's 100% cotton

A quick giveaway to MyBotanG exclusive readers only.. 
Tell me what you think of the fabric and two of you might end up with an FE cut of this piece. 
Tell me about the print/colour/feel/possible project/etc - you do not need to write an essay, few sentences would suffice - I'll choose 2 comments I like best on 15th December 2011. You can write in either English or Malay.  

I've held something similar before - see what people wrote, see the winners comments.

Thank you for participating ladies. Enjoyed reading all your comments.
For me the bold and vibrant colours against the black really brings out the FUN  and CHICK in this print. The no direction of the patterns allows for easy (lazy *grin*) cut where you do not really have to worry about having cut the pattern in the wrong direction.. eerrr believe me it has happened before *sigh*
However, the print is rather big, thus limiting the items you can make out of this fabric to medium - big bags only. I am very sure the fabric would look great as a skirt, but since I do not make any wearable, I can't say for sure..

There were 17 comments and I've decided to let to choose the winners:
(Tried attaching the random box here to no avail.. *give up*)

Winner 1 is commentor 8 -  Cik Tyra (you are really lucky dear, you were one of my 1K-LIKE GA winner few weeks back, right?) *I hardly ever win anything.. sob*
Winner 2 is commentor 17 - Aynz

Each winner will receive an FE of the above print in the mail soon.
I've listed the fabric in the shoppe if you wish to get hold of some.
Thank you for participating.Pin It


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