Thursday, April 14, 2016

Alter the length of your jeans but keep the original hem - a tutorial

I have had this pair of boot cut jeans that never fitted me right, it's too long and because of the cut, it will go under my shoes when I walk but I have kept it nonetheless. I have worn it on and off, at times folding/tucking/stepping on the hem.
After like 'forever' of doing that, today I decided to do something about it *roll eyes*

Here's a few simple steps on how to shorten your jeans length while keeping the original hem (and not breaking any needles in the process)
step 1: Wear your jeans and measure the length you want, it is best to measure with your shoes on (I didn't bother as I am always wearing flats)
step 2: Divide the measurement you took in half and pin all around (3"/2= 1.5")  
step 3: I used walking foot and size 14 needle and sew as close to the original hem. It makes sewing easy if you use the free arm on your sewing machine to insert the jeans leg 
step 4: Try it on, if it seems fine move to step 5, if you are not happy with the length (repeat step 1-3) 
*note: I would rather throw the jeans away than repeat step1-3, so better do it right the first time around.. 
but hey.. that's just me..
 step 5: Cut excess, zigzag or serge to avoid fraying
step 6: Press original seam down, you can topstitch all around above the new seam or leave it be as I done
And you are done.. 
The best part of this is, you can do it in a very short time, on your portable machine and the end result does not make it obvious like you have shortened it 

Further reading on shortening jeans while keeping the original hem: here, here and a video tutorial here 
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Begin again

It has been way too long since I last posted anything here..
the best way I suppose is to begin again, fresh start..
So here I go..
This is me.. Sohana Sabir a.k.a MyBotanG
and this here is my family..
a hubby, a daughter and myself
this is Iman Sofea, she'll be 14 in May. She is in her 2nd year of Junior High school
people say she looks a lot like me, but I feel she resembles hubby both in looks and personality (which drives me crazy at times, to have 2 of them and non on my team..)
and this is us trying to murder a cardboard storm trooper with our churos..
Hubby is the main reason we are here in Japan.. he originally came to Japan as an undergraduate student, he then brought me here, and we brought Sofea.. long story short, we never left.. we tried to once.. but Allah has better plan for us..
So 15 years ++, 5 cities and 9 apartments later.. we are now residing in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
I am still sewing, been doing it full time for the last 6 years ++
Sofea and myself in my handmade dresses
I have added clothes making to my resume (in addition to making bags and quilts)
I also teach sewing at a centre that hires and trains people with special needs

So, stick around..

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