Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 2 - Teardrop Bag progress

Week 2 (8/5 - 14/5)
1. Cut fabric and interfacing
2. Iron interfacing
3. Showcase progress

Managed to get all the fabric pieces cut out. The pattern inlet contains 3 full size pattern pieces except for the band. For the band, you either measure and cut the fabric (4pcs) or draw a template (size: 12" x 2 3/4").   

For best result, I'm using woven fusible interfacing. I like the smooth feel of the material after it has been ironed on.       

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 1 Teardrop bag progress

Week 1 (1/5 - 7/5)
1. Study Pattern and instructions
2. Collect Materials/Fabrics
3. Showcase fabric combo

I am planning to use the fabrics already in my stash. There are 3 pattern pieces all together that you can cut out from the pattern inlet, but I decided to copy the pattern and leave the original pattern intact. I haven't read the tutorial thoroughly though, managed to only skim through it very quickly.  

If you are interested to join the sew along check out the details in my earlier post here

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Things she makes...

1. Pop up card - inspired by Oh Happy Day
I love how she did not try to imitate what she saw, but rather create something totally original *heart* 

2. Embroidery projects - she has this thing with hand stitching - she LOVES it!!! I've tried to persuade her to try the machine, but I guess she can sense my evil plot to manipulate and use her as child labour on my production line.. uhuhuhu and she is steering clear (for now).. hehehhe   

3. Felt - These were earlier projects she made, she would browse through my craft books looking for ideas and work by herself with minimum help or suggestions from me.. 

I wished I have more time to sit and craft with her.. but for now, we enjoy crafting alongside each other. 
What type of activities do you enjoy with your little ones..?  

my almost 10yo baby - they do grow up too fast *CRY*

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gift Idea: Personalised hand towels

A simple  and quick project to transform a plain hand towel to a personalised gift for my friends or for your own use.. I spent more time lamenting and fussing over the right and perfect combo then the actual sewing *bliss*  

Here's a simple how to -  
What you'll need:
1. Plain towel of any size, mine is 34cm x 80cm
2. Scrap fabrics  

1. Mix and match your fabric scraps and once you are happy, join them together OR you can have a long strip of the same print

2. Place your fabric strip - about 10cm above the towel edge (right side facing the towel) and sew along the lower edge 

3. Fold, press and fold the raw edge inside (so no raw seam is showing) and sew
*add rick rack or other trimmings at this point if you like*  

4. Repeat the whole process on the other side and with other towels
*believe me it is not possible to stop after only one*

I made 7 altogether - as a token for friends returning to Malaysia upon completion of their studies here in Japan

More ideas here:
1. Trimmed kitchen towel with rick-rack
2. Tea towels with ruffles and ribbon accent

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