Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hand sewing makes my heart sing

Before I invested in my ol'reliable Computer 7900 Singer (which I bought from Auction Japan at USD110), I hand sew. It was a wonderful experience. It was slow, relaxed and addictive - the perfect ingredient needed for a beginner like me. I would sew everywhere and all the time - another benefit of hand sewing - MOBILITY.

I started small, like making coasters and table mats. I love teacups and mugs and teapots. And I love the crinkly texture quilting creates.

Once I was sure that this hobby was for real and that I'll not stop halfway (mind you, I have discarded few hobbies in the past *sigh*), I started looking for a bigger project - a single quilt for my lil'girl to be given to her as a gift when she enters primary school (time frame - 6 months).

I decided on a wagon wheel pattern. Looking back at it now, I would have done things differently, squares would have been perfect for a beginner like me. I had no real idea what I was doing, just information I deciphered from many Japanese quilting books I had and checked-out from the local library. I didn't really had enough fabric to begin with, I'd start with whatever I had, and once that ran out, I'd go out and find something else that would work. I know now I should have planned the layout of the colour better. I was impatient and eager to see progress.
However, I did manage to achieve the dateline (more or less *grin*), the imperfection of the quilt is perfect. My daughter loves it and the best part is seeing her all bundled up in it every morning.

Back view
Completed hand pieced quilt.
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Zura said...

just found your blog and dropping by to say hi! :) love Japanese crafts and you're so lucky to be close to the land of creativity itself. looking forward to more creative post for you and that quilt looks amazing!

My Botang said...

Thanks Zura for stopping by. I think Japanese craftiness and cuteness and vast availability of everything handmades that got me started crafting in the first place.

color me pretty said...

wow, that piece of quilt is simply beautiful! i love it :)

My Botang said...

That's so sweet of you :D Thx!!

MamaDaniel said...

nobody knows about the imperfection until you said so.. ;) anyway, lovely quilt you have there.

My Botang said...

Well, we are after all our best critic :D Thx for the lovely comment.


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