Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cuteness comes in GREEN as well

How do you feel about GREEN as food, medicine, juice, clothes, shoes...etc..etc... Anything green has never really appealed to me. I will definitely NEVER purposely drink anything in that colour *yucks*

But.... I MELT when I saw this.

All the kawaiii animals and pretty sceneries were simply irresistable.
I made it into a baby quilt

I used some red fabric from my stash to create a border for the centre panel and used knit type fabric for the quilt border and finished the quilt with some homemade bias tape made from the same red fabric. The quilting was a breeze with my new Janome Super Secio PC

  As for the back fabric, I used light coloured gauze. I love the back almost as much because of the texture the quilting creates. *YUMMY*
How's your weekend so far?

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Zura said...

sue, the fabric is gorgeous!! I saw cute doves! mak aii..your lean mean sewing machine makes my heart aflutter hehe....patut lah your quilts look great! huhu..bila lah i nak try quilting..walking foot pun takde...

My Botang said...

I cant stop admiring the cuteness myself and I have grown attached to the quilt...uhuhuh
I just bought the Janome machine about 1 month ago.. as a birthday present for myself.. heheheh before that I was using my ol' Singer.. so still have lots to learn about the new machine.. but very happy with it *grin*


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