Monday, February 1, 2010

Work in Progress

What are your work in progress (WIP) at the moment?
Here's mine:
1. Free quilting the alphabet quilt. Blocks A - R are done. 2 more lines to go.

2. Bags and placemats projects

3. Sofea's calender quilt - needs binding
4. Quilts - all basted and waiting to be quilted

 What are you working on at the moment?
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Zura said...

wah...banyak nye quilts! alphabet qulit tu cantik WIP right now...ermm...a wristlet commission, an apron for Aisha's art class, a baby blanket for new nephew/niece, 2 pairs of denim pants for the girls...erkk pengsan!

MamaDaniel said...

i'm too shy to reveal my WIP... coz mine really in early WIP stage, yours already one step to finito... haha...

mama nuriel said...

i'm working on my princess blouse...and some kitchen stuff.... waaa....chanteknye quilt....bila la dapat buat...huhuhu

Maya said...

suka jugak yg alphabet quilt tu.. oh i should continue my pink quilt... macam dah lupa nak sambung.. :P

My Botang said...

Thanks for the lovely comments on the alphabet quilt.. it should have been done by now..but i'm such a scarredy cat..i'm intimidated with the size and ammount of quilting required that sebelum start pun dah rasa nak give up.. uwwwaaaaaa cant wait for it to finish..

Zura - you have quite a lot of WIP as well.. all the best, and dont forget to show us once they're done :D

MamaDaniel - it doesnt matter what stage you're at, if it's progressing that's good news, if not it'd be a UFO hiding in your closet.. :D

Mama nuriel - how cute, a pwincess dress.. *sigh* wished I could make something like that.. show us kay..

Maya - :D I have a UFO in my sewing studio, it's my practice house quilt.. kesian dah berhabuk tak siap-2 lagi.. uhuhuh i should spend time working on it as well..

Nuno Lady said...

ganbatte sue... verry the rajin one!!... My sweet time is now with my sweetie pie A'ina.. :D
My WIP is something to be given to Sofea... almost complete.. perhaps today/tomorrow.. **surprise.. surprise..**

color me pretty said...

wahh i love looking at all your WIP and you are one very hardworking person i could tell! mine is like never-ending kinda work, lotsa pending!!!

My Botang said...

Nuno Lady - Thx!! trying my best, but the cold weather is not helping at all.. rasa nak curl up in front of the heater and sleep all day long.. uhuhuhuh

color me pretty - Thx, tak le hardworking mana pun.. trying my best..

Hobby Mummy said...

Su, I'm also in the process of finishing alphabet quilt for someone.

wip is always crafter best friends :))

My Botang said...

Hobby Mummy - you are so right about WIP being crafter's keeps us motivated and occupied.. :D
Do show us the finished alphabet quilt once it's done.. i bet it's gonna be superb..


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