Thursday, December 17, 2009

Soft Toys

Have you tried making soft toys? I haven't till recently..and it's addictive..
I made this small tortoise for my nephew using a pattern I found in Amy Karol's Bend the Rule Sewing.  I used my girl's old fleece jacket and kind of embroidered the eyes (ehem..)

And just last weekend, I produced a couple more softies.. a returning tortoise and a wittle wabbit..

The tortoise is green this time and I padded and quilted the shell for a more realistic-shell effect (well, to me it looks like the real thing..hehe) buttons for eyes and blanket stitch all around for sturdier tug-of-war moments.

I got the wittle wabbit's pattern from Betz White. Of course hers was made from cashmere.. and instead of the ears sticking up like Betz's, my bunny's ears are down.. reminded me of my babbit--my pet rabbit growing up--rest in peace.

Any softies in your collection? Am thinking of creating a whole softies petting zoo next..
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neeza said...

comelnye.. i hv a book on making this kind of toys, tapi tak pernah la nak buat lagi.. should hv try to make those..

My Botang said...

Thanks.. I don't think it's my thing to make softies..but they are so fun and relaxing to make.. and they make such cute baby gifts, don't you think??

Mike said...

You have made very cut tortoise.I really liked the idea and i am going to bookmark it.Even i will share this idea with my friends.
keep posting this type of informative blogs.

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