Monday, June 20, 2016

SewAlong piping hot hobo - Week2 + Week3 progress

Tasks for Week2 were pretty easy and straight forward.. 
except for the preparing the piping part.. 
Luckily I found a ready made cording piping at my local fabric store (it would have actually cost more to make them from scratch)
  • Cut all the pieces__________checked
  • Prep the piping______________checked
  • Iron the interface and fleece___________checked

Week3 started with adding central gusset seam, both exterior and interior. Since I have never done this before, I was quite curious to learn the effect of the central seam.
  • For the exterior, fold the gusset in half - right side together
  • For the interior, fold the gusset in half - wrong side together
  • Sew straight line all the way (3mm seam)

Before attaching the piping to the body, go ahead and make the handle loops, attach D-ring on each of the handle loops and stitch the handle loops to the exterior back piece (follow the placement on the pattern piece)

Attaching the piping to the exterior back and front pieces. 
Mark the piping beginning and end on the right side of each piece (follow the placement on the pattern pieces)
 Secure with clips before sewing, 
I used zipper foot as I don't have a piping foot, and it worked fine. 
Start sewing slowly and remember to follow the curves and never to pull and stretch the piping while sewing.  
Once completed, you'll have attached piping to:
  • Exterior back around the bottom
  • Exterior front around the bottom
  • Exterior front on the top

The remainder piping will be used for the flap

Next, is attaching the gusset to the exterior body
The book suggests sewing on the gusset side, but I am more comfortable sewing on the exterior body side (I can follow the curve of the exterior body when sewing) 
Please note that the gusset is not of the exact length, you will have excess at the end
Once the gusset is attached to both the front and back body, I notice how easily and neatly it collapse. 
A good technique to apply especially when working with wide gusset and you want it to naturally collapse.  

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nice cik sue...
cantik fabric tu.. :)
tak dapat join kali ni punya sew along... huhuhu...

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Mila@Rimbun said...

rindunya nak jahit beg, tapinya... saka jahit beg ni bercuti lama sangat kuikui

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