Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Blanky

Isn't this print PREETY!!  It's by Micheal Miller. You have to love the genki and kawaii

I hardly had to do anything with the panel. I removed the checked borders on the sides and turned it into bias tape, which I used for the blanket.

I backed the blanket with soft gauze, which is suitable for the warm Malaysian weather where the blanket is going.
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BoeyJoey said...

Very striking and great for both boy and girl. I agree with you that the fabric is fabulous... very cute and best thing is you don't have to do anything on the top piece.

I did baste all the pieces before quilting, but puckering still emerge... any tips? :-)

My Botang said...

Hye--Thanks for stopping by.
I found this when searching about seam puckering:

See if anything mentioned apply to your situation. I have not read the whole article myself.

Zura said...

cutenya!! comel sangat! i have not seen this print before, panel ke sue?

My Botang said...

yuhuuu Zura,
Yup it's a panel print by Micheal Miller.


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