Friday, December 4, 2009


How do you overcome fear? I feared the unknown, the uncharted territory when I ventured into crafting. I was eager to learn but something was holding me back. More than half of the things people were talking, writing or discussing on sewing forums, blogs or books I didn't get. So, what do you do???

I conquered Mt. FUJI... and it helped. I'll tell you how.. I followed my hubby's international students' trip to Mt.Fuji summer of 2008, where among the participants I was the ehem.. WISEST *wink* and most domesticated. Not only were they young -ER.. they were all athletics in one way or the other.. we had Korean boys who were combat trained and fit like bulls.. and a Venezuelan girl that played football for her Uni.. and they all RAN for fun every evening.. I wanted to turn back and go hide in a hole somewhere.. But I told myself, I'm not there to prove anything to anyone, I'm there for myself, and I'll go only as far as I'm able to go. I've heard stories of people not being able to breathe and needing oxygen once they reach certain altitudes, or of people being carried down the mountain by cart or something.. made my knees shiver and the more reason to stay at Mt.Fuji's foot and admire the view.

But, I did go up the mountain. My hubby and our team started at 1a.m, and we reached the 8th station at 3100m just in time to see sunrise. I hardly felt anything at that time - due to lack of oxygen to the brain I suppose. But it changed my perspective since then. I am a better, more confident, ready to take challenge human being after I went up Mt.FUJI.

So, how do you overcome fear??Pin It

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