Friday, December 11, 2009

Itty Bitty Baby Stuff

When I get too stressed working on some big projects or commisions, I take a break and make baby stuff. Even when I go window shopping, I am drawn to the baby section, I guess looking at all those itty bitty mittens and socks and bibs relaxes me and makes me happy, like everything will be OK after all..

I am hopeless at making clothes from stratch, so I make bibs and booties. This was the first set I made. Bought the Doraemon fabric from a yard sale. I gave this to my cousin who gave birth to a baby boy. The sole of the booties was from my girl's old corduroy jeans that she outgrown.

I made this red bib and bootie set for a friend a while back. I used some pretty laces I had in my stash.

I recently made this pair for a baby boy. I backed it with gauze and used some ric rac to decorate. I've added a button at the corner of each bib, hopefully the baby doesn't put it in his mouth *gulp*
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Zura said...

that red booties look so cute! i selalu terpikir kalau wat booties ni nak lapik apa for the soles, old denim is a great idea!

neeza said...

smple work bt yet sooo cantik.. i like :)

My Botang said...

Thx for your lovely comments ladies!!


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