Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scrap Project

I have bags and bags of scraps. It comes in different shapes and sizes. I DETEST them. I can't throw them out, yet I have difficulty storing them, mainly because a) Japanese SUPER tiny apartments don't do well with clutter b) I am horrible at organising them - colour coded or size?? boxes or zip lock?? Again boxes just won't do (refer back to reason 'a').
So at the moment, I have my growing scraps in ziplocks 'organised' according to size.. ehem.. more or less so.. It would be heavenly if my stash were as organised as this and this and this *sigh*

Once in a while, I go through the pile trying to make some sense of it all and on a good day manage to come up with this

and this More teacups *grin* They are snack mats - smaller than placemats but bigger than coasters.. hahah I got the pattern from a Japanese Zakka book in my collection. They are very easy and superfast to whip up and a good way to get some of those scraps out.

What do you do with your scraps?

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