Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yummy Fabric

I don't usually prefer orange, but this Trefle by Kokka print is simply yummy. I've had it for a while now (I only have 2m in my stash, wished I'd gotten more *sigh*), looking and admiring, and waiting to make something nice out of it, and I have recently. Will upload pic soon.
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Zura said...

alamak...my favourite nih! but kokka fabrics are just so expensive...you're so lucky to be in Japan and get access to their gorgeous fabrics :)

My Botang said...

It's not so pricey if I get them straight from Nippori Textile town in Tokyo (4 hours drive from my place.. tu yang sekali pegi borong tak ingat dunia.. and there are soooooooo many choices, rambang mata.. uhuhuh


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