Monday, December 7, 2009

Bento Bags Galore

Bento is packed lunch. Japanese are well known to prepare creative and beautiful bento packs for their family and friends either for everyday lunch or for special occasions like New Year.
Japanese Bento

Since coming to Japan, I have to prepare bento for my girl and hubby almost everyday. We are also used to preparing bento ahead of time for when we travel. It's economical and we get to sit in a park somewhere and enjoy family lunch together.

So, it would be obvious that I'd make bento bags to keep all these bento. My first bento bag was a copy of a bento bag I bought at 100yen shop. It was part of a set for my girl when she entered shogakko - primary school. It took me a lonnnnnnngggg time to figure out the size and pattern - even then I made it a tad small *roll eyes*

But I'm happy to report that since then my bento bags have evolved. I have a whole, well at least half range of bento bags collection.
1.Bento bag with cover and handles
2.Bento bag with drawstring

3. Quilted bento bag

4. Bento bag with zipper
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Zura said...

wow! so many bento bags! you made them all? they are so cute! btw, I LOVE Japanese food! Yours looks yummy! :)

My Botang said...

Thanks, I love Japanese food too. Yup, I've made more over the year but I don't keep them for myself, usually they are made for friends.

Nuha Aisha said...

ohh... im sooo jealous tengok ur fabrics that u use for ur Quilted bento bag...

My Botang said...

Nuha - Geisha prints are very popular.. and i particularly love the blue fabric with the cute geishas..but sadly, I'm all out and that fabric is nowhere to be found :(


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