Friday, February 26, 2010

Jom Jahit - Sew Along

It had been quite a while since I had last sewn anything for myself.. I am almost always rushing to finish a commision.. But today, I had the most 'fun' day, creating and designing and making something for me.. This is what I made, a travel sewing case using scrap fabrics *happy*

I was thrilled to find TiniHani's sew-along here. I've always wanted to make a 'roll' for my sewing stuff especially to be used when we travel. I got my inspiration out of a Japanese craft book and adjusted to meet my needs. My travel sewing case has 3 pockets, thread holding line, pincushion and felt needle holder.

Next , This is how I do it - Travel sew case 

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Rozi Rahman said...

Love it!!!!

My Botang said...

Thanks!! :D

Hobby Mummy said...

Sue...lovely, will add these to my to do list as well! :)

Kak Ani said...

salam sue,

sweet & praktikal la sewing case ni...cumil je..

My Botang said...

Hobby Mummy - Thanks! cant wait to see your version.

Kak Ani - Thx for stopping by my humble home :D

zu_e9 said...

so sweet...cantik dan praktikal la..
love it..

Sharifah said...

sue... cantik... memang btol la.. kadang lupe nk buat something for myself too..

this is my to do list as well..

My Botang said...

zu_e9 - thanks!! it is very useful and can fit a lot of stuff in the case.

Pah - mmg betul.. selalu tak de masa nak jahit for self.. after this i plan to allocate time to sew for myself and home once a week.. :D


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