Thursday, February 18, 2010

Around my sewing studio - Part II: NOTION

You have seen how I try to set some kind of working system in organising my fabric in my tiny sewing studio in the last post, today I'd like to show you how I deal with notions. These things are harder to handle as they come in various sizes and types.

Ribons, laces, homemade bias tapes in basket (tute here)

Pins, zipper pullers, fabric markers, cutter, bias tape maker, lighter??
in a small case bought from 100 yen shop

Threads and bobbins in Ikea cases

Velcro, elactic bands in popcorn box
magnetic snap buttons, prongs, flex frames, handles,
etc (I dont even know what's in there) in fabric box (tute from Sew,Mama,Sew)

Buttons in milk bottle and machine needles in felt box (tute here)

Handmade labels in cookie tin from Disneyland
Laces in cookie tin from Hokkaido

EMS forms, address book, tapes, strings, thank you cards on wall hanging

So, how do you manage your sewing supplies?

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MamaDaniel said...

my sewing supplies?? hidden everywhere.. only me can find it. haha.. cik sue ni sure very organised person...

MisFyd said...

I love cans! Collected them before in Jpn & still in my boxes somewhere...hmmm shud start reorganising my craft supplies & the room...I'll update in my blog if I managed to reorganise :)

Anonymous said...

wow your stuff are all neatly organized! thats great. i tried to organize my stuff but then it got messy again everytime i worked on stuff. i think i can never get organize at all! haha

Nuno Lady said...

wow.. sue.. this is like 3K (japanese way of organising things!!) It saves your time a lot right? and everytime you start and finish your work, everything is back to the right place. or else your life is going to be miserable and destroy your sewing mooood ;)

I used biscuit cans, tin boxes (esp when sensei bought an edible beautiful omiyage), hard boxes, drawstring and bottles.
Sometimes I purposely buy chocs/tit bits that are packed in cans. SO I can easily throw my gadgets inside... sampai hubby kata macam JIBAM (a novel about a kid collecting trash).. :D

Fith said...

Sugoi ne,well organized semua brg2,sangat komakai.terkejut fith tengok punyalah byk brg2 menjahit,sasuga da ne,hehe...

p/s:fith tak sure nak mention sue sbg akak atau sue saja,dlm komen box kat blog fith tu terpanggil akak cause base on anak yg dah pun 7thn.errrr nak panggil apa yer yg selesa?

mama nuriel said...

i like ur buttons collection...

My Botang said...

Thanks all for your comments and kind words.. really enjoy reading them *hugs*

I'm not 'that' organised..but this year, one of my resolution was to be more organised.. so I'm still trying, but having things in tins and boxes in the spot where it should be does make life easier..

Of course my stuff gets moved around a lot and everything is a mess when I'm working on a project..but that's OK i think.. it's a good and productive mess.. once I'm done, I try to put everything back the way it was, so next time, when I have to look for some supply i know where to find them.. :D

My Botang said...

Fith - I dont mind, Sue or Kak Sue is ok.. :D

mama muriel - I get my buttons from Nippori in Tokyo. Some are gifts from friends and some I safe it from my gril's old baju.. (i hate sewing buttons, no matter how cute they are..uhuhuh )

Rozi Rahman said...

Sue, bestnye kalau my sewing notion is organized like yours. My sewing room is more like a disaster area 90% of the time. Kena buat contoh la to be more organized like you. Good job! Great inspiration!

Sharifah said...

hi sue... banyak nyer fabricccccccc.. :) love al ur notion la.... :)

My Botang said...

Rozi - thx!! :D

Pah - Thx jugak..mmg obses ngan fabric.. :D


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