Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend wonkiness

I was inspired by this week's Sew It sew-along to make a wonky patchwork pillowcase for my girl. 
It was an easy and superfast project (if you already have all the pieces lying around).
I had some scraps left from this project.
Quickly and wonkily combine everything together.

I used gauze fabric scraps leftovers from quilting projects for the pillow front and back.
I had to patch the fabrics as I did not have one big piece.
Then machine applique the combined pieces on the fabric.
I also quilted the center piece (just because I had nothing better to do and the sun was shining).  

Instead of making proper fabric ties, I simply used some heart ribbons from my stash.

Completed wonkiness sunbatthing in rare sunlight *Grin*

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Zura said...

wow! cantiknya sue! and really different. great job!

p/s I replied your email just now :)

My Botang said...

Zura - Different I agree, it's really WONKY with horrible workmanship (always the case when I sew something for myself - I get to relax and not worry or be picky all the time)

Thx for your help!! *HUGS*

Sew Chic said...

On the contrary the wonkiness gives it charecter i love it!

Thank you for taking part and dont forget to check back tomorrow to see what the others made too !

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

My Botang said...

Mayya - Thanks for stopping by, will def try to participate in the next sew it. Thanks!!

Eva said...

wow that looks great, I'd love to try making a pillow like this one day


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