Thursday, February 25, 2010

Batting scrap busting

If you use quilt batting in your crafting, after a while, you'll end up with batting scraps like this..
What do you do with your odd sized batting scraps??

I separate them into piles..
Very small pieces like this goes into 'stuffing pile,'
to be used as stuffing in pincushion or soft toys.

Small and medium pieces are pieced together (using zig zag stitch)
to be used in small projects like making card holders.

Bigger pieces are also stiched together (using zig zag stitch)
to be used in my bag projects like quilted bento.   
How do you manage your batting scraps?? Care to share..
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Hobby Mummy said...

Sue.. my scrap just sit nicely in large plastic bag :))

Just wondering how to use them up!

Zura said...

great idea! my batting scraps is slowly building up now, dunno what to do with them and they are quite bulky only thoughts before use for stuffing but your tip to ziz zag stitch and reuse in bagmaking is brilliant!

My Botang said...

Hobby Mummy - with the ammount of quilting you do, I'm sure your batting scraps are a lot.. Hope you'll share once you find some good use for your batting scraps..

Zura - Thanks!! Hope to see some cute bags made using some recycled batting soon :D

Rozi Rahman said...

What a great idea. I buang je all the leftover batting... now I'll keep them and try not to mess my working area hehehe

My Botang said...

Rozi Rahman - I memang jenis susah nak buang bende.. kenkadang ntah apa-2 jek yg I simpan.. hehhe

mama nuriel said...

samalah kita...simpan2...sampai last sekali lupa apa yang ada.....sekarang semua lebih2 kain ke...batting ke....kumpul satu tempat....nak guna ambik je....

My Botang said...

mama nuriel - you're right, umah jepun dah ler kecik, sumbat-2 this corner and that corner, at times lupa simpan kat mana.. uhuhuh

Sharifah said...

sue..... i simpan jek dulu hahihihi u gave me ideas.. thankss...but need to do something 1 fine day.. tengah carik mase nk buat for my self... huhuhu

My Botang said...

Pah - all the best!!


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