Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sofea's calender quilt

My girl saw this fabric panel with calender for 2010 in one of the shops. She hardly ever asks for anything and since it was already January 2010, the panel was being let go at 100yen a piece.  I offered to (it seemed like a brilliant plan at that time) quilt the panel. 

However, when we got home, I soon realise it was not a good move, what with my already mounting projects to finish. Everyday she would ask if I have finished her calender, the preassure was almost unbearable so I put on hold other not so pressing tasks and set out to work on the calender. 

I finally finished quilting it last week. It gave me an additional chance to practice the free quilting motion. I backed it with white muslin and made the binding out of green scraps I've collected. I stitched the whole thing on a 4 hour journey to Tokyo recently.  

Now that it's done, I've no idea what she'll do with it, it's too small for a blanky and too big for her dolls. A sweet friend said 'Sofea will always remember the year you made a quilt calender for her..' I hope so..
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Zura said...

cantiknya sue....cantik sangat and very unique, what a great find that panel! mana nak dapat kat sini panel calendar camtu. sofea is one lucky girl! Buat wall hanging in her room pun boleh ni sue so that she can refer to the dates :)

d u r a said...

i couldn't agree more with your sweet friend's opinion.
Sofea will definitely remember this year :)

cantiklah sue.
kenapala kat malaysia takde benda2 macam ni ya.

Sweetlilcraft said...

cantik n sweet..betul tu, boleh hanging in her room:)

Fith said...

pandainya jahit,cantik sangat,bila lah fith nak pandai jahit,huhu...

liyana said...

cute giler...nice job

dear, carikan lah japanese cotton gmbr cute2 utk saya.. mahu yg polka dot juge.. hehehe.. if betul-betul belikan, email me ye :)

My Botang said...

Thanks all for the sweet comments on the calender quilt. Really appreciate it *hugs*

Zura, Dura & sweetlilcraft - tak sangka kat Msia tak de calender panel cam ni ek... kat sini byk btul.. for next year nnt I'll find for you guys, insyaallah.. thx for your suggestion, nnt I'll hang it next to her bed.

Fith - am still learning..but I really enjoy doing it, maybe you can do something that you really enjoy.

liyana - Thx dear. will email you.

Rozi Rahman said...

Cantiknye :)

Idayu said...

wah so kawaii...gantung kat dinding la nxt yr kena crk kalender br he3x

My Botang said...

Rozi Rahman - Thanks :D
Ayu - tu la, takut tetiap tahun mintak quilted calender.. bengkok aa.. hehhe

lia said...

sue,cantik sgt!!betullah,kat sini tak ada la calender panel year nak order ye?eh,tak,tak.this december agak2 dah ada tak?nt masuk je jan,dah ada wall hanging baru!yeii..

My Botang said...

lia - Thanks!! Insyaallah nnt I cuba carik by end of the year if dpt.. bebaru ni pegi, still berlambak-2 lagi.. mcm nak bagi free jek cause dah masuk Feb kan.. :D


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