Friday, February 12, 2010

Sewing for the MAN

Reading Zura's post (here) about making something 'manly' for the Man of the house reminded me of this waist pouch I made for my partner in crime a while back. 

As he hates stuffing his pockets with wallet, phone, ipod, he requested a pouch, his only condition was no girly stuff allowed.. *sigh* 
I used the BLACKEST, PLAINEST and THICKEST fabric I had in my stash to make the waist pouch.
I am happy that he is very happy with the result but alas I find making something that dull doesn't appeal to my senses AT ALL.. 

Do you enjoy making stuff for boys? Many ideas, inspirations and tutorials here and here for the whole month of February.    
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Zura said...

lol can totally relate to the "blackest, plainest, thickest" part :D

MamaDaniel said...

i've never tried sew anything for my man.. afraid of rejection.. haha..

My Botang said...

Zura - susah kan pilih kain yg seswai for manly stuff nie..

MamaDaniel - i know what you mean, tunggu dia request jek baru buat..

aimila said...

agree ngan mama daniel. afraid of man mmg seorng yg sgt cerewet bab2 gini. itu le pasal till todate i haven't come out with anything 'manly' yet. but actually i should give it a try lah kan??!! thanks least u n zura have given me some idea for my next project. maybe as his birthday present!! yes!!his besday present!!


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