Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is how I do it - Attaching zipper

For a long time, attaching zippers were daunting to me. 
When I first started sewing, I avoided any projects involving zippers until it was
no longer possible to avoid learning how to do it anymore.
I found some helpful tutorials on how to here, here and here.   

I thought I'd show you how I do it.
This may not be right, or may not be how you'd do it,
but it works for me, so I thought I'd share..

 I like to buy long zippers in many colours  

 I usually get the 110cm length which comes with 4 zip fasteners.

First, pull all the 4 fasteners out and open the zip. 

Next, attach the zipper foot and use only one strip of zipper,
sew around the bag openning with the needle on the right.

Sew the zip all around the bag openning, stop just before you reach
the starting point. Leave about 1-2cm gap. 

Adjust the zipper foot so the needle is now on the left,
sew around the bag openning again.

Not only have you managed to attach the zipper but you've also
topstitched and created a professional look to your bag.

This is how the zip looks on the inside before you attach the fastener.

Attaching the zip fastener: allign the handles together and insert the fastener.
*it might be a bit tricky the first time*

Cut the access zip and push it inwards.

Tadaaaaa... you are done!!
you can sit back and admire you finished work.


I think this tutorial is..
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My Kaila said...

arghhh.... drooling over ur japanese motive fabby... is it expensive?

My Botang said...

My Kaila - thanks for stopping by, this particular japanese doll fabric is about RM32/m

faizlily said...

I've made simple bags before but never tried with zipper before. Thanks for the tutorial, it was clear and give me confidence to do it... :)

BoeyJoey said...

Cute print & cute bag!

Zippers with 4 fasteners? I've never came across those... I usually buy normal zippers and cut the access off after sewing the end close. Yours sound way cooler :-)

My Botang said...

Faizlily - Thx for the comment.. I really need some feedback about the tutorial - it's being my first and all..*gulp* Hope you'll try something with zipper soon..

BoeyJoey - It is much more cost effective and I get to use them for many other projects as well..

Hobby Mummy said...

Love your bags…your tutorial is marvelous !!

I’m about to start buying zippers and use them :)

The Heart of Paul said...

Oh ok I didn't think it would be this easy! I'll try zippers again. Thanks.


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