Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday's find - FABRIC

It's Monday again - and it's still freezing and the grass is still covered in snow.
I wished SPRING would be here soon.
While waiting for spring, let's have a look at this adorable print.
 It is label-less, but the design is so kawaiii..

Have a wonderful and productive Monday!!

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Anita said...

Hi! Love yr blog. U are so talented. If u are selling some of yr yummy fabrics, I wld love to purchase them. Sell la! Let me know ok. Tnx!

My Botang said...

Thx for stopping by Anita. Do email me, so we can talk fabric :D

d u r a said...

so KAWAIiii!

i just don't the heart to cut them..

My Botang said...

I know what you mean Dura, i usually admire/stroke/talk to my fabric for a couple of weeks (sometime months) before I have the cut to cut into them.. *giggle nervously*

Sweetlilcraft said...

beli baru lagi ke?hihi..byk stock kain.nti ada duit lebih leh beli ngan sue pulak :)

lia said...

sooo... cute!!!betul dura ckp tu,sayang nk potong kain ni kan?

My Botang said...

Sweetlilcraft - yg stock br beli weekend lepas tak upload lagi.. yg ni from last month nyer shopping.. hehehe *giggles nervously*

lia - heheh mmg sayang nak potong, tu yg dok pandang-2 jek lagi tu.. heheh


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